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lashana.jpg (63406 bytes)
Lashana Tova A Good Year  
original 4x6"

green-shalom-smaller.jpg (102065 bytes)
original nfs 4x6"

2ainode.jpg (129323 bytes)
Ain ode Milvado
'There is Nothing BesidesThe Creator
of the Universe'

Eesh chesed.jpg (31212 bytes)
'A person of kindness does kindness.'
Mishle Ecclesiastes King Solomon
2AngelPsalm34jpg.jpg (75216 bytes)
'The Angel of God encamps around those who fear Him and sets them free.'  Psalm 34
from dust thou art.jpg (105853 bytes)
'From Dust Thou Art to Dust Returnest Was not Spoken of the Soul'-Willliam Shakespeare

betzelmo betzelem elokim2.jpg (69136 bytes)
'In the image of God was man created.' Beraishis Genesis 1:27

kva al hashem.jpg (41800 bytes)
'Hope to God, be strong and have courage.' 
Psalm 27 Songs of King David

shalom pen original.jpg (16670 bytes)
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more about 'Shalom'

ain od milvado.jpg (28757 bytes)
'There is Nothing BesidesThe Creator
of the Universe'-Ain Ode Milvado

tov.jpg (54778 bytes)  Good

2TurnFromEvil &DoGood.jpg (67251 bytes)
Turn Away From Evil and Do Good

2Don'tCook.jpg (56072 bytes)
Don't Cook a Kid in His Mother's Milk
2AshiraL'HashemBueGreen.jpg (71796 bytes) 2BeStrongFramed.jpg (29368 bytes)Yehudah Ben Tema said,  "BE BOLD AS A LEOPARD, LIGHT AS AN EAGLE, SWIFT AS A DEER, AND STRONG AS A LION TO SERVE YOUR FATHER IS HEAVEN" Pirke Avot 5:20 Ethics of The Fathers.
  ~1'x4' original framed       
2HeenayMaTovuPink.jpg (68240 bytes) 2HeenayMaTovuGreen.jpg (71570 bytes)How Good it is for Brothers to sit Together

green -above

pinks gold- left    

2IndeedAchTzadikimRed.jpg (55382 bytes) 2IndeedPinkBlueAchTzadikim.jpg (68373 bytes)
2Rakhel.jpg (91130 bytes) Rochel   More Names in Hebrew 2ShalomLavendar.jpg (57045 bytes)      serveHashemHigher'Power'with happiness.jpg (124284 bytes)
Shalom                    Serve Hashem with Happiness


2SingersWillPsalm87.jpg (57691 bytes)
And Singers and Dancers Alike Will Chant
'All my inner thoughts are of You'      Psalm 87:7

2VahavtaBronze.jpg (79671 bytes)    2VahavtaYellowBack.jpg (39256 bytes)
Love Your Fellow As Yourself

pastel          pastel rust

yellow          red

2VahavtaPastel.jpg (56482 bytes) 2VahavtaRed.jpg (49064 bytes)
Zachor es Yom .jpg (95850 bytes)
Remember the Sabbath and Keep It Holy

tov.jpg (54778 bytes)
Tov - Good

the candle.jpg (62107 bytes)
20 Ecclesiastes, King Solomon   
The candle/spirit of man/G-d is the soul/spirit of man/G-d 
King Solomon

Spirit of man.jpg (76485 bytes)
  King Solomon

the beginning framed big.jpg (13074 bytes)The Beginning of Wisdom is The Fear of Hashem


burning.jpg (29785 bytes)
white and gold ceramic frame 8x11

pink asher tree by river.jpg (51548 bytes)ATree by a River

treeby river narrow bridge big.jpg (33182 bytes)
Gesher Tzar Maod
- A Very Narrow Bridge
Happy is the one, who has not walked in the counsel of the wicked, and in the way of the sinful he has not stood, and in the seat of the scornful he has not sat.  But only in the Torah of Hashem is his desire, and in his Torah he meditates day and night.  He will be like a tree set into the ground near the streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season, and whose  leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does he will succeed...Psalm 1

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