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This portfolio is all original artwork.   Click on the pictures to see a larger view and click on 'Back' to come back to this page. If you are interested in purchasing this artwork and there is no "add to order'  button, please contact
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Large Light Blue, Glow-in-the-Dark, Basket     
not currently available

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Glow -in-The-Dark Multi Media ~11x12" basket $120.
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Baskets and Wall Hangings

 woven square angled pot top view.jpg (72078 bytes)woven square angled pot.jpg (75156 bytes)

amen large purple2.jpg (153741 bytes)
G-d Trustworthy King

2AinOde.jpg (129323 bytes)
'Ain ode Milvado
There is Nothing Besides Him

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
In the Image of G-d was Man Created
Beraishis Genesis
mortar and pestle4jpg.jpg (9015 bytes)
Unglazed mortor & pestle  $30
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Click on the mortar & pestle (unglazed) to see more angles and some plates.

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A Very Narrow Bridge - Gesher Tzar Ma-od

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click to view more basketsTo see more baskets, click on the ceramic basket,
wall hanging, table decoration;
Aqua, copper interwoven with gold and maroon cloth , ~1' diameter x 3"  tall.
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bowl blue white flower side.jpg (14239 bytes)
Flowered Blue Bowl $50
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Click on the bowl to see more bowls and on the napkin salt bentcher (below) holder to see more miscellaneous pieces
cage green napkin, bentcher holder.jpg (36048 bytes)
8"x8"x8" Green Woven Napkin or Anything Holder 
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