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Gallery -Ceramic Baskets, Woven Trays & Wall Pieces Functional or Decorative
These are original handmade, one of a kind, pieces.  
Click on some of the pictures to see a larger view and click on 'Back' to come back to this page.

wall tree.jpg (63831 bytes)
Light Blue Brown Tree Wall Hanging nfs

basettraywallhangspiderweb.jpg (26194 bytes)
'Spider Web' nfs  

basket sparkle light blue side.jpg (10705 bytes)  basket sparkle light blue.jpg (55900 bytes)
Side view of the basket (or wall hanging) with multicolored
velvet cloth trimming the edges, ight sparkle-blue glow-in- the-dark  
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basket white green shapey.jpg (14482 bytes)
'White Green Woven and Braided Basket'
~11"x16"x7"  $199.99.
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basket pretzelTop.jpg (32380 bytes)
 Brick Red Pretzel Basket or Wall Hanging  
20" diameter $199.99
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wall basket thick weave br bl.jpg (83377 bytes)
Brown Blue Woven Thick Multi
10x12" $99.99
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tray square blue weave.jpg (30188 bytes)
Loose Weave Wall Hanging

tray blue brown top.jpg (32778 bytes)
Leopard Montage 10"x6"  

tray semi circle weave.jpg (18393 bytes)  
Half Circle Woven Tray nfs

basket 9x13 oval floating blue copper weave.jpg (19639 bytes)
Copper Blue/Green Spiral Basket ~10"x14"

basket dark blue velvet trim .jpg (29223 bytes)
 Multi-Media Square Angled Basket  nfs

basket 19 in diameter brown weave green cloth part.jpg (47277 bytes)
~1.5' diameter with a solid bowl for the bottom; Shiney brown glaze,
copper color swirl around light blue;  green metalic cloth. $149.99
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traygreenweavedomedsquareside.jpg (19540 bytes)
'Green Domed Woven Tray'   $49.99    

basket blue weave copper trim.jpg (12478 bytes)
Aqua and copper interwoven with aqua, gold and maroon cloth
Basket / Wall Hanging, ~1' diameter x 3"  tall. nfs

basket turquoise.jpg (21927 bytes)
'Tourquoise Oval Basket'
~18x12" $54.99

tourquoise sq bask.jpg (35060 bytes)
'Tourquoise Rippled Square Basket'
~13x13" $54.99

diamond gre tray.jpg (45945 bytes)
'Green White Domed Diamond Woven Tray'
~15x8" nfs

traybasketblueoblong.jpg (30708 bytes)
'Blue Oblong Woven Tray'  ~12x6"      $34.99                        

tray green 10 x 18 in.jpg (20166 bytes)
Greens Tray  ~1'x20" $199.99
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tray weave rectangle at an angle.jpg (28119 bytes)

tray weave rectangle brown light blue.jpg (23463 bytes)

tray weave rectangle bottom.jpg (19875 bytes)

An angled, top and bottom view of this piece shows the blue brown gold coloring and texture $39.99

traywovengreenflatopen.jpg (28887 bytes)
Loose Green Flat Woven'
~8"x12' $39.99 

hot pla white gre.jpg (39660 bytes)
 Flat White Green $39.99

tray dark blue weave.jpg (49974 bytes)
Midnight Blue Reclangular Solid Layered Tray 
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trays s-shaped brown blue.jpg (19843 bytes)                            
S-shaped Woven Trays
for wall or table for wall or table
$99.99. each
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tray green flat trimed.jpg (21168 bytes) 
Multi Media Green Tray nfs

basket sparle blue cloth rim large.jpg (32190 bytes)
Light Blue,Giant Glow-in-the-Dark,Basket;Sparkly shades of green and gold
in the fabric woven around the perimeter ~17"x14"x6" nfs



trivets6green.jpg (61496 bytes)
Six 5"x5"green woven trivets or hot plates
$7 each
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woven circular legged leather look tray side view.jpg (51036 bytes)woven circular legged leather look tray.jpg (112035 bytes)
woven dish with feet
(side and top view) $49.99

woven square angled pot.jpg (75156 bytes)woven square angled pot top view.jpg (72078 bytes)
woven plant holder
(side and top view) $49.99

woven lt blue tray back.jpg (104350 bytes)woven lt blue tray front.jpg (111181 bytes)
woven tray (bottom and top view) nfs

trivet midnight blue.jpg (100779 bytes)
midnight blue woven trivet 4" x4"

woven napkin book end green.jpg (105860 bytes)napkin holder $19.99

tray uneven black woven.jpg (193458 bytes) tray  $14.99


Peace 10.jpg (340044 bytes)

bowl blue white flower.jpg (15053 bytes)
Flowered Blue Bowl $70Add to Order 
more bowls

amen large purple2.jpg (153741 bytes)
G-d Trustworthy King

Alef Beis $249.99

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
In the Image of G-d was Man Created
Beraishis Genesis

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