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King Solomon-Mishlei/Proverbs, Koheles/Ecclesiastes

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Original (8x10") $36-69
Limited Edition Prints: $6.99

Original (5x7") $25
Limited Edition Prints: $3.99

Originals (4x6") $18 
Limited Edition Prints: 10/$6.50


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Coiled Pieces

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'Gal Al Hashem Maasecha/
Go Over it with G-d'
  Mishlei 16  
original ~2' x 2'  $189
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Gal al Hashem Maasecha  
Go Over it with G-d
original $29.99 nfs
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It is a Tree of Life to Those Who Hold on to It
Mishlei 3:6 
original 3x2' nfs
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'G-d Put the World In Man's Heart' Koheles/Ecclesiastes 3:11
original 8.5X 11
2EeshChesedFramed.jpg (31167 bytes)
'A Person of Kindness does Chesed--acts of kindness, taking care of oneself & others.'
Koheles/Ecclesiastes, King Solomon
framed original 2'x3'
Ci Ner MItzvah Torah Ohr a.jpg (196658 bytes)Ci Ner Mitzvah Torah Ohr b.jpg (165415 bytes)
The Candle is the Mitzvah, Torah Light
Many are the thoughts.jpg (138517 bytes)
Proverbs/Sefer Mishlei
original ~3'x4' 

There are many thoughts in a man's heart, but God's plan-that shall stand.   Mezudath David explains, that a person may have many diverse thoughts that many never be executed, but whatever God plans will come about.  Malbim explains that, although a person has the freedom to choose the course he wishes to take, the execution of the deed is in God's hand, overriding his apparent freedom

Mishle 20:27 Man's soul is the Lord's Lamp

The soul in his midst testifies concerning him in judgment [Rashi]  Just as a person searches in the dark with a lamp, so does G--d search a person's innermost thoughts through his soul, which knows all and testifies concerning him in judgment. [Mezudath David]  Rabbenu Yonah explains that man is honored by God with the possession of a holy soul, which emanates from on high, and therefore he is subject to His closest scrutiny to the extent that He searches man's innermost thoughts'.  Hence, in effect, the soul of man is God's lamp, the enabler of God's scrutiny over him.

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'The candle of G-d is the soul of man' 8x10"

Spirit of man.jpg (76485 bytes)
'The Spirit of the Lord is The Candle of G-d' Koheles/Ecclesiastes 20
original 8.5X 11"

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G-d Trustworthy King

 2AinOde.jpg (129323 bytes)
'Ain ode Milvado
There is Nothing Besides Him

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
In the Image of G-d was Man Created
Beraishis Genesis

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Light Blue Brown Tree Ceramic Wall Hanging nfs 

2Shema.jpg (10924 bytes)
'Shema Yisroel'- Hear Oh Israel The, Lord is Our God, The Lord is One. 

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