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You were shown, for you to realize that it is Hashem Who is God, there is none other besides Him. (Devarim-Deuteronomy  4:35)

*Rabbi Chaim Volozhin, (Nefish ha-Chayim, Section 3, Chapter 12) writes,  "In truth, it is a wonderful remedy to remove and nullify all evil decrees and alien forces working against someone.  It can also prevent them from affecting him so that they have no impact on him whatsoever. [This will happen] when a person fastens to his heart the saying, "But Hashem is the true God and beside Him, Blessed be He, there is no power in this world or any world and everything is full of only His Oneness..." And he will bind his thoughts only to the One Master, may He be blessed.  Then He will automatically nullify for him all forces in the world so that they will not be able to accomplish anything [against him] at all."

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'Ata Haraisa L'Daat'
-You Have Been Shown to Know There is No G-d Besides Hashem  (Devarim Deuteronomy 4:35)

2' x 2' $250.00

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'Please Hashem Heal Now' 12:13

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